FS4SIDES equipment allows packaging products such as hygienic wipes or slices of cheese in 4 sides sealed sachets.

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Standard features of the FS4SIDES:

  • Centre line machine, material and product is central to machine with skip seal
  • Facility for open pack.
  • Datum edge machine, edge of material runs off the side seal rollers so no skip is required.
  • Side seal rollers can have either heat on bottom rollers or top rollers.
  • Infeed std 2 meter length others available to order.
  • Single axis servo controlled registration.
  • Four axis machine servo controlled (infeed, registration, cross seal, crosscut).
  • Registration on top or bottom web only not both.
  • Operator “Touch screen” with temperature controllers on screen.
  • Independent temperature controllers.
  • Automatic reject system for faulty packs.
  • Sealing temperature monitoring.
  • Collating conveyor for finished products.


See the machine working

4 Side Seal Machine 2:42

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