Flowpack R200M

R200M flowpack is a mechanical equipment that controls the bag length and the reel management with servomotors, adjusted through a touchscreen.

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R200M Standard Features:

  • Three Axis motion control.
  • Machine is mounted on castors for ease of movement.
  • Guarded to CE standard.
  • 2 meter inline infeed other lengths available.
  • 3 pairs of seam rollers, 1 pair cold 1 pair hot and 1 pair of turn over rollers.
  • 1 set of size parts with the machine to your specification.
  • 100 mm or 127 mm crimp jaw ctrs, other ctrs available.
  • Sealed slip rings, no brush gear to maintain.
  • HMI for machine adjustments.
  • St Steel on all contact surfaces.
  • Large clear guarding for good visibility.
  • Variable speed discharge conveyor.
  • Servo driven seam seal / film registration system.
  • Omron parts are used for the majority of the electrical / electronics.
  • Discharge conveyor.
  • Max film width 450mm.
  • Max product width 180mm.
  • Max product height 100 mm Jaws 57mm.
  • Max product height 127 mm Jaws 83mm.
  • Max bag length 100 mm Jaws 300mm, Min bag length 95mm.
  • Max bag length127 mm Jaws 390mm, Min bag length 140mm.
  • Other Jaw ctrs and film widths can be accommodated if required.

R200M Options:

  • Extra long in-feed conveyor for total feed-in length of 4m.
  • Cantilevered designed infeed with hinged down front guarding for easy access for cleaning etc.
  • Additional reel holder complete with mandrel.
  • Adjustable fold box.
  • Pneumatic pack gusseting.


See the machine working

R200E Flow Wrapping Cookies 0:40

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