The new vertical packaging machinery VM 1 model has been designed with the latest technology and the highest performance. The machine makes the bag starting from a reel, fills and closes the bag.

The electronic system of control is based on PLC or microprocessor according to the customer request, with color touch screen for both versions to introduce, memorize and visualize the data.

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Available with different type of sealing systems according to the wrapping material: constant heat, impulse or both.

The machine can make the following types of bag: pillow, flat bottom, side gusset, strings. It can also make square packet bag by means of a carrousel machine that is coupled with the vertical machine. Moreover, according to the product to be packed the Machine can be coupled with auger filler for products in powder, volumetric filler for granulated products, linear and multi head weighers for granulated and irregular products and liquid and pasty filler.

All the mechanical changes can be made easier and quicker without special tools.

Technical Specifications + sachet types and sizes

60 bags / min.
Bag minimum size:
80x80 mm
Bag maximum size:
230x385 mm
Maximum volume:
4 liters (with double feeding up to 9 liters)
Electrical consumption:
4.5 KW
Maximum air consumption:
50 Liters/min.
1160 mm x 1860 mm x 1660 mm
Wrapping Material constant heat:
opaline polyethylene, cellophane, polyethylene, polyester polyethylene, polypropylene Bioriented...
Wrapping Material impulse:
220/380/415 Volts Neutral + M.P + earth
Reel Dimension:
Maximum width = 500mm / Ø Maximum = 450mm / Interior cone Ø: 70-75mm
Machine Weight:
700 Kg.


See the machine working

VM-1-230 0:45

VM-1-230 5:01

VM-1-230 0:53

VM-1-230 1:47

VM-1-230 0:40

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