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The new range of vertical machines (VM) consists of only two cams that make the movement of opening and closing the jaws. From there, there is an encoder at the central axis that controls the position of the machine and gives the order to execute all other maneuvers.

Since the touch screen there is the possibility of choosing the desired point of entry and exit of each actuator element including:

    - Soldering vertical (pneumatic).
    - Cutting Blade (pneumatic).
    - Photocell spot smart zone blinded variable.
    - Height bag adjustable screen in millimeters.
    - Drag two times for products in powder or high density.
    - Safety of anti-entrapment jaws.
    - Independent heating zones, adjustable and viewable on the screen.
    - Screen Test inputs and outputs for fast location of faults.
    - Program memory for up to 20 different products.
    - Account package correct.
    - Three operating modes (manual, semi-automatic and automatic).
    - Discharge point of the product variable on screen.

The new VM is ready for a range of optional accessories:
            Clapet   -   Tape Output   -   Fold bag   -   Drag the Bag by encoder   -   Printer of pressure or ink
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