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Packaging Machinery

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Automatic Horizontal packaging machine of Postpack, S.L. series MH-110, its simple version as well as its duplex version, have been developed for the packaging of powder, granule, liquid and pasty products, as well as refreshing towelettes, in three or four side sealed sachets.
It starts from a reel of heatsealable material. The film gets fold into a "V" shape and in intermittent cycles the machine forms, fills and seals the sachet by means of sealing jaws.

Filling es done depending on the product type to be filled:
    1.- Auger filler for powder products.
    2.- Volumetric filler for granules.
    3.- Filler for liquids or pasty products.

The sachets are transported by intermittent moves. At the end of the process sachets can be cut unitarily by means of cutting knives acting like scissors. Sachets can then be counted, grouped and put into carton boxes.

Optional Equipment:

- Photoelectric cell - Hopper level
- Counting and grouping      
  outlet conveyor
- Punch hole device
  for display
- Outlet conveyor - Heated hopper
- Machine cycles counter - Dust collector
- Tear notch - Funnel agitator
- Tablets filler - Dust exhauster
- Inert gas flushing device - Hopper agitator

Technical Data

MODELMH-110 Simple         MH-110 Duplex
Speed Production: 100 spm200 spm
Min. Pouch Dimensions: 35x35 mm35+35x35 mm
Max. Pouch Dimensions:           110x130 mm65+65x130 mm
Volume Range: 1 a 60 cc1 a 20 cc
Consumption: 1.8 KW3 KW
Roll Stock Dimensions: Ø Max = 450mm _ Max. Weig = 260mm
Core: 70 a 75mm
Dimensions (WIDxHEIxLEN): 990 mm x 1895 mm x 2245 mm
Packaging samples
Pouch types:
MH-110 D
Pouch types
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